NATURE WINS ONE by Photographer NER BECK @ The New York Public Library.

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NER BECK: A photographic Exhibition of Lost & Found West Side Street Art

Ner Beck, a New York City graphic artist and designer,has had a longtime interest in overlooked street art captured in photographs. This series which was recently exhibited at The Morningside HeightsPublic Library, represents images found on the Upper West Side.

“As most New Yorkers hurriedly target their destinations, they tend to aim themselves straight ahead, frequently missing these faces, creatures, architectural details, mini-environments and unintended visual statements waiting to be noticed and appreciated. The next time you travel on foot, try walking a little slower, relaxing and glancing obliquely. These visual stories have always been there waiting to be be discovered and enjoyed. Some are permanent others will disappear overnight.”

Where do you draw your inspiration for taking photos on the street?

I shoot every day as I go on my daily walks…

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