Showrunners for Writing

Live to Write - Write to Live

While I write, I have the TV going on in the background. There isn’t a rule, one way or the other for this. Some people need silence. Some, music. I know a few folks who build soundtracks for their writing, and use that. I need voices. Not words, but voices. There are two rules for the background shows/movies I have on. First, I need to have seen the show or movie before. I can’t want to watch it.

Second, the show or movie need to be supportive of what I am writing. I write cozy mysteries, so my viewing tends towards Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Hart to Hart, Castle. Of late, I have been on a Diagnosis Murder bender. I haven’t seen Diagnosis Murder for a while, so I’ve been binge watching them while my deadline was approaching. Because of that, I am watching compressed seasons. I’ve…

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